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Anonymous said:
If it fits your macros. Basically, I can eat anything I want so long as it fits my daily macros. I just feel hopeless now, and I've stopped working out Cuz I feel like crap and I always crave junk food. Food I used to love doesn't even sound good










I feel that diet won’t work because nutrition is important and not all macros are equal.

Katie, you know I love you… but this is just all kinds of wrong.
Nutrition is important but “macros” is short for “macro-nutrients”…
It’s actually a very effective method of dieting.

The whole idea behind it is “as long as your body gets what it needs, who gives a fuck what you eat to get there” but it all hinges on providing what your body needs. 

This article gives a good explanation.

Also its not like you get to live off only poptarts, you still need balance in your intake (proteins/fats/carbs) and eat according to your goals/needs. Its not a total free for all, and I think thats a huge misconception about IIFYM. 

Exactly, the article covers that towards the end.
The whole point is giving your body what it NEEDS, that’s in macros and micros. As long as you do that you can use whatever the hell you want to get there.

See I love the idea of IIFYM but I find it to be… lacking in information. The name of it suggests that macros are most important, but we can’t even agree on a macro ratio that fits everybody…

Like I’m all for the philosophy that no food is off limits, and you need to balance macros, but just looking at macros can be deceptive, and you have to personalize the macros to fit yourself too, which a lot of people don’t do. When I do a lot of cardio training, I often need about 60% of my calories coming from carbs. Other people function really well at 50% but when I tried that, I ended up feeling horrible and run down.

If you are constantly craving junk food while on IIFYM you might be eating too many simple sugars and not enough complex carbs, fats or proteins. You may be deficient in certain micros and not even know it, because the focus tends to be on macros and not on micros.

Katie is right that not all macros are equal in that even while doing an IIFYM you need to make sure your macros are still coming from mostly nutritious places like fruit and veg and avoid trans fatty acids as much as possible and make sure you aren’t eating tons of added sugars and you’re getting enough fiber, etc.

that’s why it’s called “if it fits YOUR macros” though.

if it fits YOUR macros, you’ll see great results. If YOU go by what fits MY macros… maybe not so much. 

the longer I’ve done this for, the less I think anything matters. Get your 5+ serves of fruit and veg to ensure adequate vitamins and minerals, get your 30+ grams of fibre. Get a suitable total intake, not too much and not too little. Determine and meet minimum protein and dietary fat requirements. 

Fine tune from there if you really want optimal results but for most people that’s literally all they need to concern themselves with providing they are training effectively.

Thanks Dave, was hoping you’d jump in somewhere.

My results from Dave’s IIFYM program/philosophy are really positive. sarahs-journey just recently switched to IIFYM too and I know she’s really happy and shocked 😱😊

Let me rephrase: due to the fact that many uninformed people follow me who won’t properly research it and eat junk for the most part and think it’s appropriate, I personally can’t responsibly promote such a method on my blog. Make sense?


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And here we can see the Blogger in her natural habitat.


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What people don’t understand is that calling someone ‘too skinny’ is the same as calling someone ‘too fat’, it’s not a nice feeling.
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